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American – Made Challenges

Conductive materials are fundamental to nearly all energy use applications. Developing manufacturing processes for conductivity-enhanced materials in motors, generators, and renewable power technologies could lower costs and climate impacts while improving energy efficiency and other performance.

The competition aims to unite a diverse collection of researchers and inventors to develop transformative, cost-effective approaches and technologies to accelerate American entrepreneurship and pinpoint pathways for further research and development funding and technology transition efforts.

The Conductivity-enhanced materials for Affordable, Breakthrough Leapfrog Electric and thermal applications (CABLE) Conductor Manufacturing Prize aims to help supercharge our U.S. energy and manufacturing industries. Competitors must demonstrate significant enhancements in conductivity and affordability that enable U.S. manufacturers to leapfrog to next-generation materials.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO)launched the CABLE Conductor Manufacturing Prize to encourage such breakthrough conductivity-enhanced materials. Up to 4 Grand Prize winners will be selected in this three-stage, three-year contest.

ESA – Ignition Programme

Let’s say you have a great idea. But you didn’t do the basic research to make it a real business yet. Then it’s time to take that idea to the next level. We created this programme for the following groups of people:

  • People who want to join the ESA BIC programme with a more mature application (researching the space link of their company, checking technical feasibility and analyzing market opportunities);
  • People who want to start a company related to space – and who want to validate their business idea;
  • Entrepreneurs with a space related startup (< 3 years) who want to refine their business model;
  • Participants are EU citizens and must be a permanent resident of the Netherlands.

Spatial regression models for estimating determinants of regional knowledge creation

Topic and objective

• Dealing with common issues in spatial regression models on research and innovation data at the regional level

• Including Spatial Durbin Models, spatial weight matrices and coefficients interpretation (direct, indirect spillover and total effects)

• Application to an interesting recent research debate, investigating drivers of different modes of regional knowledge creation

• Specific emphasis shifted to the impact of R&D networks on regional knowledge exploration versus knowledge exploitation

Online course including:

• Online lecture on spatial regression models as adequate instruments to estimate drivers of innovation at regional level.

• Group exercises where participants will apply spatial regressions models using example datasets

• Plenary discussion on pros and cons of regression strategies and how to motivate them to the reviewers.

Wegate Awards for Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

WEgate is happy to announce the launch of the call for applications for the 2022 WEgate Awards which will be open until the 4th of September 2022.

The WEgate Awards for Women Entrepreneurs in Europe celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of women across Europe. They recognize women who distinguish themselves as business leaders, through passion and creativity in their ventures, contribution to advancing the status of other women in their entrepreneurial journey or through a greater social impact on their businesses.

The second edition of the WEgate awards will continue to recognise and celebrate inspiring women entrepreneurs of all backgrounds!

Civitas 2030 – Coordination and support for EU funded urban mobility innovation

Projects are expected to contribute to all of the following outcomes:

  • Increasing the extent and speed of the take up of innovative, replicable urban mobility solutions in Europe, targeting responsible authorities and other stakeholders, in order to contribute to the priorities of the European Green Deal, which stresses that ‘’transport should become drastically less polluting, especially in cities. A combination of measures should address emissions, urban congestion, and improved public transport’’:
    • Develop, and put in place a communication, dissemination and promotion strategy that will clearly distinguish the identity of the CIVITAS initiative amongst other European city initiatives.
    • Provide a common communication and dissemination framework for CIVITAS urban mobility projects and their living labs, but also other projects that express interest in receiving CIVITAS support (referred to from now on as ‘the projects’), including providing a common corporate identity and producing a monthly newsletter that includes project results as well as wider developments in the field of sustainable urban mobility.
    • Provide a common realistic and user-friendly evaluation framework with dedicated support for its implementation.
    • Reach out to national transport press correspondents and relevant European media, the Horizon project community and a wider European and international audience of cities and professionals with the aim of increasing the visibility of the network and urban mobility projects.

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